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Vivander Auto Recycling

Hello and welcome to Vivander Auto Recycling - the place where you can find high quality German auto parts at affordable rates for all German vehicles in the greater Cleveland area! We pride ourselves and base our work on three different areas. These areas include providing great customer service to everyone who enters through our doors, a large inventory to be sure you can find the parts you are looking

for, along with outstanding warranties so that you feel confident with your purchase!

Find parts for vehicles, especially foreign vehicles can be very hard to do at times especially if you are trying to stick within a budget. Here at Vivander Auto Recycling, not only can we provide you auto parts for all makes and models of vehicles, but they are high quality and affordable – it doesn’t get much better than that! You also have the ability to search for inventory righ


t here on our website in multiple ways which include searching by an individual part, doing a multi-part search, along with searching by images!

Searching by images comes in handy when you know what you are looking for, but perhaps don’t know the exact name of it. The image part selector will allow you to take a closer look into all of the areas of a vehicle include the exterior, interior, under the hood, wheel, engine and underneath of the vehicle. If you are still unable to find your part, there is even an area for all other miscellaneous parts!


For further information, please feel free to give us a call at 440-390-3545 or stop by our location at 9988 Kinsman Road Unit 12 in Novelty, Ohio!


Vivander Auto Recycling