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Fuel Pump VW CC 12 13 14 15 16 17

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Fuel Pump

Year: 14
Model: VW CC

Type: Used
Category: W
Condition: 51232
Vehicle Stock #: 1050
Part Stock #: 0000016204
Additional notes: Pump Only, (engine Mounted), (2.0l)
Also fits:
AUDI A4 12 Pump Only, (engine mounted)
AUDI A6 12-13 Pump Only, (engine mounted), 2.0L
AUDI A6 14-16 Pump Only, (engine mounted), 2.0L, engine ID CAEB
AUDI Q3 17 Pump Only, (engine mounted)
AUDI TT 11 Pump Only, (2.0L), engine ID CETA, (engine mounted)
AUDI TT 12-13 Pump Only, 2.0L, engine ID CETA, (engine mounted)
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (TYPE 1) 12 Pump Only, (engine mounted), (2.0L), engine ID CBFA
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (TYPE 1) 12 Pump Only, (engine mounted), (2.0L), engine ID CCZA
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (TYPE 1) 13 Pump Only, (engine mounted), (2.0L, gasoline), engine ID CBFA
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE (TYPE 1) 14 Pump Only, (engine mounted), 2.0L (gasoline), engine ID CBFA
VOLKSWAGEN CC 12-17 Pump Only, (engine mounted), (2.0L)
VOLKSWAGEN EOS 12-16 Pump Only, (engine mounted), (2.0L)
JETTA EXCEPT GLI 12 Pump Only, (engine mounted), (2.0L), gasoline, engine ID CBFA
JETTA EXCEPT GLI 13-14 Pump Only, (engine mounted), 2.0L, gasoline, engine ID CBFA
VOLKSWAGEN JETTA GLI 12-14 Pump Only, (engine mounted), (2.0L), engine ID CBFA
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 12-17 Pump Only, (2.0L, turbo), (engine mounted)
VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 18 Germany built (VIN W, 1st digit, Limited), engine mounted

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