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Radiator AUDI A5 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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Year: 11
Model: AUDI A5

Type: Used
Category: Y
Condition: 125k
Vehicle Stock #: 1065
Part Stock #: 0000000689
Additional notes: (2.0l), At,2.0l,auto Trans,a/c
Also fits:
AUDI A4 09 Sdn, 2.0L, AT
AUDI A4 09 SW, 2.0L, AT
AUDI A4 10-16 (2.0L), AT
AUDI A5 10 2.0L, AT
AUDI A5 11-17 (2.0L), AT
AUDI A6 12-15 2.0L
AUDI A6 16 2.0L, engine ID CAEB
AUDI A6 16 2.0L, engine ID CAED
AUDI ALLROAD QUATTRO 13-16 (2.0L, turbo)
AUDI Q3 15-18 (2.0L)
AUDI Q5 09-10 2.0L, AT, diesel
AUDI Q5 09-10 2.0L, AT, gasoline
AUDI Q5 11-12 2.0L
AUDI Q5 13-16 2.0L, main
AUDI Q5 17 (VIN FP, 7th and 8th digit), 2.0L (turbo), center

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